Friday, February 20, 2004

Hello and welcome to the blog of Dinah Dienstag and her husband Howard. Dinah is Professor of Idiotarian Logic at the University of North-South-West Rhode Island Red. Howard isn't. Together they hope to add to the growing number of academic blogs on the Net. You can look forward to lots of posts about tenure and pension plans. They feel this is a sadly under-represented area in the academic blogosphere. Dinah also hopes to post her papers on "Idiotarianism and its Metaphors", plus the results of the field work she did collecting and preserving the world's heritage of cliches for UNESCO with Professor Jacques La Palisse. Another focus will be the life and work of Count George Monbiot von Monsanto de Montecristo-Chauvesouris-Lunaire. Dinah has dedicated much of her career to deciphering the writings of this outstanding intellectual figure of our time. Dinah and Howard hope this blog will enable them to get linked by Crooked Timber and find exciting new career possibilities and research vistas elsewhere. Rhode Island really sucks.

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